Who can join United Women Sacco?
  • United Women Sacco (UWS) is a premier open bond Sacco that serves individual business and professional men and women.
  • Members who join should be Kenyan and non-citizens of good standing aged 18 years & above who are either residents or in diaspora. UWS draws its members from both the formal & informal sectors of the economy.
Why should I join United Women Sacco?
  • Licensed & regulated by Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA).
  • Steady and consistent growth, serving members since 2001.
  • Service delivery at its best (We listen, respond & care)
  • Access to a wide array of investment & savings options. A one-stop solution for all your financial needs.
  • Competitive, affordable & flexible interest rates on loans with friendly repayment terms.
  • Good Service Turnaround Time.
  • High returns on your deposits.
What is the procedure for joining United Women Sacco?
  • Go to United Women Sacco website and click on the link “JOIN US” to complete the online membership form and submit.
  • You can also fill a hardcopy membership form available at our offices or on the website (www.unitedwomensacco.co.ke) under the Resources menu.
  • Submit the form to the Sacco reception desk for onward admission or;
  • You can scan and send the documents to our email info@unitedwomensacco.co.ke
  • Pay the joining fee of Kes. 27,000 comprising of registration fee of 2000, Kes. 20,000 share capital plus initial savings of Kes. 5,000 using our pay bill number 994300 with your ID as the account number.
  • You will need to complete a duly filled joining form, attach a copy of your National ID/Passport, passport photo, & a copy of KRA pin certificate then submit after appending your specimen signature.
What products/services does the Sacco offer to its members?
The Sacco offers a broad range of Savings and Credit products at flexible and competitive rates. Visit the Sacco website for a detailed breakdown of their respective features and benefits.
How can I keep tabs on my Sacco account?
The Sacco has a web portal accessed through our website which enables members to create accounts and access their statements any time. For those who are yet to create accounts on the portal, kindly get in touch with the office for guidance on how to create the account.
What is the difference between Next of Kin and Beneficiaries?
Next of kin is a person you nominate as a point of contact while Beneficiaries are the people you nominate to receive your dues in the unfortunate event of death. A member is advised to ensure that their beneficiary nomination forms are up to date as that is what the Sacco uses to remit a member’s final dues. For members who have nominated their children as beneficiaries and are still minors, kindly ensure that you have also nominated a guardian who will be the contact person acting on their behalf.
Can I Partially withdraw my Share Deposits/Savings?
No. United Women Sacco is a Regulated Non-Withdrawable Deposit Taking Sacco which means that partial refund of deposits is restricted by the regulator. The deposits saved in the Sacco can only be accessed through a loan or when a member is withdrawing from the Sacco. Due to the nature of our Business (Savings and Credit) the Sacco relies on members Deposits to be able to lend hence partial withdrawals would end up destabilizing the Sacco in terms of liquidity
When can I withdraw from my holiday or junior account?
Our regulator SASRA advised that these accounts do not fit the description of a Non-Withdrawable Deposit Taking Sacco but allowed us to continue promoting them as long as the withdrawals are done in a structured manner. (The amounts must be saved for a specific term - 3, 6, 9 & 12 months). Members are therefore allowed to withdraw from these accounts once every quarter at the end of each quarter.
Can I continue with my membership after ceasing to work?
Yes. Your membership is not tied to your employment/job. What is important is your ability to meet your Sacco obligations.
Can I transfer my deposits from another Sacco?
YES. A member who transfers directly from another Sacco is eligible for all benefits of a full member after a 3-month duration lapses.
How do I remit funds to the Sacco?
You can remit Sacco Savings through the below Channels.
  • M-Pesa Paybill number 994300. Use your Member Number as account number.
  • Alternatively, use our bankers below
Co-operative Bank KCB Bank Equity Bank
A/c Name: United Women Sacco A/c Name: United Women Sacco A/c name: United Women Cooperative Savings and Credit Society Limited
Branch: Greenhouse Mall Branch: Prestige Plaza Branch: Enterprise Road
A/c no: 01100069485300 A/c No: 1105492753 A/c No: 0800283668372
Swift Code: KC00KENA Swift Code: KCBLKENX Swift Code: EQBLKENA
What do I need to do when withdrawing from the Sacco?
A member needs to inform the Sacco in writing giving the society a 60 days’ notice.


When do I qualify for a loan and how much do I qualify for?
A member qualifies for a loan after six months of active membership, having attained minimum savings of Kshs. 100,000 and having accumulated the minimum share capital of Kes. 20,000. Your qualification can be based on your deposits (as a multiplier of 3,4,5 or 8) or not depending on the loan product one is interested in. Depending on your need, our credit officers will advise on which product would most suit you.
What do I need to do to apply?
Once you decide on the loan type, you are required to fill out a loan application form and attach the documents as advised by the credit officer and forward the same to our offices for appraisal. All loan applications should be received in our offices by COB every Monday for consideration that week.
What forms of security does the Sacco take to secure loans?
Guarantors, Motor Vehicles, Title deeds/Leases, NSE Shares, Money Market Fund Accounts & Insurance Policies
What is the loan processing period?
The loan turnaround time is 3-5 working days subject to meeting all requirements of that loan. Special loans may take longer due to security perfection.
What is the interest charged on loans?
All loans except Immovable Asset Finance Loan, Personal vehicle loan and the Express Loan, attract an interest of 1% on reducing balance.
Can I take a loan against my deposits?
Yes, you can. The loan attracts interest at 1% per month.
Why pay interest on a loan that is against your savings?
The interest payable on this loan and other loans is what ensures we pay annual interest on deposits and dividends every year and pay for office running expenses. Your share deposit account also keeps growing monthly as you service this loan as a portion of the installment goes towards growing your deposits.
Can I have more than one loan at any given time?
Yes. As long as you are within your loan eligibility, and you have provided proof that you can service two or more loans concurrently.
Can I top up a loan I am currently servicing?
Yes. The Sacco allows a member to top up their Normal, Business Development and Asset Finance loans provided the current one has been serviced for six months and is up to date.
Can I offset my deposits against my loan?
It is against credit policy to use member deposits for purposes of loan repayment. A member is only allowed to offset their deposits against his loans if he/she is ceasing to be a member. However, special consideration may allow use of member deposits for loan clearance under unique circumstances if it has been determined that the loan borrower has no capacity to pay up his/her loan(s). One must pay off the difference immediately (between the loan and savings) if any before submitting the offset request. In addition, any prior guarantees to other members must be replaced first.